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Creative and Unique Since 2003
Elizabeth Dillinger

Elizabeth Dillinger

Artist Statement

Elizabeth Dillinger is a Canadian American Mixed Media Artist who spent her childhood growing up on a farm surrounded by nature's beauty. Summers were spent on a small island in Maine exploring the woods and shores of all their treasures. Elizabeth considers herself to be a self-taught artist who is always exploring new mediums and the interaction of colour and values.

Elizabeth has training in Horticulture, Graphic Arts and medical. She grew up surrounded by sewers. Her mother was an accomplished seamstress who taught sewing when she wasn’t busy running a farm. It was this type influence that led her to explore and train in different fields of work. She is known for her detailed thread-work and has won awards national and internationally.

Creating mixed media wall art and teaching is her passion. Elizabeth has developed her own pattern line and often can be found working with paints, dyes and other art mediums. Elizabeth is always looking for new ways to expand her art. She is now semi-retired and looking forward to gardening and devoting her time to create new artwork. She occasionally offers private and semi-private classes in her studio.


2003 Vermont Quilt Show 2nd place (Hummingbird in the Tropics)
2004 International Quilt Festival invitational only (A Mermaid)
2004 Quilt Expo IX in Den Haag, Netherlands (A Mermaid)
2004 Waterloo Quilt Festival Award of Excellence (Nature Goddess)
2007 Waterloo Quilt Festival Award of Excellence (Woodland Story)
2007 International Quilt Festival 1st Place International winner (Woodland Story)
2008 Canadian Nationals Award of Excellence Machine Quilting (Words of Wisdom)
2009 Canadian Nationals Viewers Choice & Award of Excellence


Juried Shows

2003 Vermont Quilt Show
2004 Waterloo Quilt Festival, International Quilt Festival, Indiana Heritage Quilt Show, Quilt Odyssey
2004 International Quilt Festival invitational only (A Mermaid)
2004 Quilt Expo IX in Den Haag, Netherlands (A Mermaid)
2005 Waterloo Quilt Festival, Indiana Heritage Quilt Show
2006 Quilt Odyssey show (A School of Color)
2007 Canadian Nationals (Words of Wisdom)
2007 International Quilt Festival (Woodland Story)
2007 American Quilters Society Show
2007 International Quilt Association
2007 Grand Nationals, Waterloo
2008 Canadian Nationals
2009 International Quilt Association

2009 Canadian  Nationals

2017 Canadian  Nationals


Publications & TV Shows


East of the City Magazine - January/February 2006 edition
Durham Daytime - 2006 television segment
Quilters TV and WebTV - 2007 segment
Durham Living - 2007 television segment
The Grand Nationals - Fantasy - May/July 2007
Quilters Newsletter - June 2008 Issue Spotlight article
Australian Patchwork & Quilting - Vol 16 No.9
Quiltmaker Magazine - July/August 2008 Issue
Journal of The International Quilt Association - Quilts - Fall 2008
Canadian National Association - National Juried Show - 2008
Canadian Quilter - Autumn 2008, Autumn 2009 Cover
A Needle Pulling Thread - Festive 2008, Spring 2009 Cover, Summer 2009

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